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Introducing our Yoga Tea Towel, a versatile and innovative cooling accessory designed to enhance your comfort during workouts and various activities. Crafted from super ice hyper-evaporative breathable material, this cooling towel utilizes a unique system that draws moisture away from your skin, providing an effective cooling sensation.

Keep Chills for Up to 3 Hours: Experience long-lasting cooling relief for up to 3 hours, depending on conditions. The towel achieves this without the use of chemicals, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice. Perfect for combating hot flashes or staying refreshed during outdoor activities and indoor exercises.

Multiple Functions: Beyond its cooling capabilities, this ice microfiber towel serves multiple functions, making it ideal for sports enthusiasts engaged in workouts, gym sessions, and fitness routines. With its exceptional absorption ability, it doubles as a versatile accessory—use it as a yoga towel, fitness towel, sports towel, gym towel, or even a golf towel.

Easy to Use and Portable: The convenience of our Yoga Tea Towel shines through its ease of use and portability. Simply soak it for 1 minute, wring out excess water, snap it a few times, and it's ready to use. Designed for on-the-go individuals, it's easy to pack away and take anywhere. Plus, it's machine washable for effortless cleaning, ensuring you can enjoy its cooling benefits again and again.

Elevate your active lifestyle with the refreshing and practical Yoga Tea Towel—an essential companion for staying cool and comfortable during your yoga practice or any fitness endeavor.

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