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Introducing our Yoga Roll Mat, crafted from environmentally friendly and safe nitrile rubber NBR, marking a new era in eco-conscious yoga gear. This high-performance material is not only easy to clean but also soft, non-toxic, and non-polluting, ensuring a safe and healthy experience for your yoga practice.

Measuring 183cm in length and 61cm in width, this yoga mat is designed with both portability and comfort in mind. The lightweight construction allows for easy transport to the gym or any outdoor setting, making it a versatile companion for your yoga journey.

The strong non-slip stripe design sets this mat apart, providing maximum slip resistance on various surfaces, including wooden floors, marble floors, and composite floors. This feature ensures stability during your practice, adapting seamlessly to different ground types.

This Yoga Roll Mat is strategically chosen to cater to both beginners and professionals, offering a supportive and comfortable experience while protecting the safety of yoga enthusiasts. Whether you are just starting your yoga journey or are a seasoned practitioner, our Yoga Roll Mat is here to enhance your practice, providing the perfect foundation for a safe and enjoyable yoga experience.

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