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Welcome to a new dimension of yoga practice with our Yoga Disk—a circular hollow wheel designed to transcend the boundaries of your routine. Elevate not only your strength, balance, and mobility but also your overall well-being as you explore a myriad of poses and exercises with this exceptional yoga accessory.

Crafted with precision and dedication to your yoga journey, the Yoga Disk is constructed from ultra-durable ABS material, ensuring not just immediate benefits but also long-lasting use and resilience. The disk is equipped with an additional thick TPE foam layer, adding an extra dimension to its durability while providing a cushioned surface for your comfort.

Sweat-resistant and featuring anti-bacterial properties, the TPE foam ensures a clean and hygienic practice session every time you engage with the Yoga Disk. With a diameter of 32cm and a width of 13cm, this yoga disk becomes an indispensable tool for enhancing your practice, whether you're at home, the gym, or a yoga class.

The lightweight design of our Yoga Disk makes it a versatile companion, facilitating easy transportation to gyms and classes. Immerse yourself in the holistic benefits of this exceptional tool as it supports your body, relieves muscle tension, and adds a dynamic element to your yoga routine. With a remarkable maximum user weight of 250kg, the Yoga Disk welcomes practitioners of all levels to explore, evolve, and elevate their yoga journey. Embrace the transformative power of the Yoga Disk—where strength, balance, and mobility converge in a harmonious and enriching practice.

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