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We have yoga with hanging sheets that can be used in your home or at your studio for all levels. Designed with foam handles, the nylon was made even more comfortable with padding at the handle ends to allow palms to grip the nylon. When practicing aerial poses with handles with different height positions, you can find an appropriate handle position for you.

The solid and durable material allows you to efficiently support your whole body weight during your yoga class and your workouts. The yoga sheets we have are very easy to use and assemble. They also have a durable climber handle that ables you to carry a large load to ensure your safety while performing aerial poses. Our yoga swing provides relief for your back pain whether it is used as a remedial therapy for spinal discomfort or to build upper body strength that will help relieve back pain and boost your health. You can mount it easily with the accessories included to safely install it into concrete and wood as well.

Our yoga swing has been made to provide greater comfort while in use, with a material that is very soft and smooth, leaving you feeling more relaxed. Yoga swings are made out of sturdy materials that are durable and sufficient to use during yoga routines, as well as in everyday workouts so that you can use them without worries while performing your favorite yoga poses during yoga class. Also, with great and premium quality, it will make you unworried when you will need to use it.

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