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Designed with a high waist for a slimming effect, these tight yoga shorts, slimming shorts loosen your midsection for a better fit. It gives women the extra boost of confidence they need to feel and look their best. A garment designed to provide complete coverage, which takes away moisture from your body, while providing lightweight comfort, sweat absorption and drying capabilities, and ergonomic seams to ensure your range of motion is unhindered. Also, these shorts fit well on your body and will not have any problems shifting throughout workouts or everyday wear.

These yoga shorts are made from lightweight, breathable fabric that contours your body perfectly, and the wide waistband and concealed pocket will control your tummy, pull in your tum and booty, and make them extremely comfortable to wear. Featuring a four-way stretch and skin-friendly material, these yoga shorts allow each pose, motion, and contour to be considered while providing compression and support.

Designed to provide compression, maximum comfort, and a ready-to-wear style, our tight yoga shorts will be your go-to yoga shorts. These shorts can also be worn for workouts, yoga, running, training, as a night out with friends, or simply as a comfortable set of shorts at home. Providing pockets that are made of 20% spandex, which is highly stretchy, and 80% polyester fiber, which retains their shape, which makes the yoga pants exceptionally durable, easily machine washable, and tend to dry quickly. We made our tight yoga shorts with fabric that stretches in all directions, allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted and not worrying if it is easily torn up as it is made with high-quality materials to last for a long period of time.