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Great for Work and Play pink yoga ball

Aside from being one of the most fun fitness tools that you can use in yoga and other physical activities, a yoga ball can be a great work chair alternative. If you want to improve your mindfulness about your posture, using a yoga ball is your best bet. When you feel yourself slouching in your work chair after long hours of sitting, try using a yoga ball to help your back get stretched and aligned. Just remember not to sit on it for longer than 2 hours to give your back some rest. Experts highly recommend switching to a yoga ball from time to time to improve your sitting posture. You do not only get to enjoy your amazing yoga sessions but also benefit from them in your daily work!

Relieves Back Pain

If you are also struggling with lower back pains, a yoga ball is an answer to your problems. It effectively stretches your back with the proper sitting position and helps you become more flexible with your physical activities. It works by supporting your lower back while you are doing some exercise or stretching. Try it out for yourself!



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