Pilates foam roller 90cm

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Introducing the Core Balance 90cm Pilates Foam Roller – your key to self-massage and muscle pain relief. Unlike other rollers, this extended length provides enhanced stability during your rolling sessions, ensuring a soothing and effective muscle massage. The medium-density EPE foam construction strikes the perfect balance, offering a deep massage without causing excessive discomfort.

Made from medium-density EPE foam, this roller is firm enough to deliver a profound massage yet provides ample give when subjected to greater pressure. Perfect for both beginners and those engaging in occasional and moderate exercise, it allows your muscles to acclimatize gradually to the applied pressure.

The 90cm length of this roller is unparalleled in our collection, offering increased stability and balance during use. Its extended size is ideal for simultaneous rolling of both legs, upper back massage, and perpendicular application to the spine for improved body alignment and posture.

Designed for both warm-up and cool-down routines, this foam roller aids in stretching out fascia tissue, enhancing flexibility, and reducing the risk of injury before a workout. After exercising, use it to self-massage your muscles, relieving tightness and accelerating your recovery process.

Unlock the benefits of rolling with the Core Balance 90cm Pilates Foam Roller – your go-to solution for effective muscle care, flexibility improvement, and overall well-being.

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