Peanut massage ball for neck

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Introducing our Mini Peanut-shape Massage Ball, specially designed for targeted recovery and relaxation of the shoulder, legs, and cervical vertebrae. Crafted from environmentally friendly and healthy EPP material, this professional massage ball is a versatile and effective tool for muscle relief.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Application: This Mini Peanut-shape Massage Ball is not limited to specific areas. Its effectiveness extends to arm, neck, and foot massage, providing versatile solutions for muscle relaxation.

  2. Simple Self-Massage: Take control of your self-care routine with the ability to perform simple self-massage on connective tissue. The compact design and ergonomic shape make it easy to use for personal relief.

  3. Scope of Use: Tailored for neck, arms, calf, and Achilles's tendon massage, this mini massage ball is perfect for targeted recovery in specific areas.

  4. Multiple Sizes: Choose from three different sizes to suit your needs—8CM * 8CM/ 3.15in * 3.15in, 16CM * 8CM/ 6.30 * 3.15in, and 24CM * 12CM / 9.45 * 4.72in. Each size offers a unique application for effective muscle relief.

  5. Package Included: Each order includes 1PC massage ball, ensuring you have a reliable and convenient solution for your recovery needs.

Enhance your recovery and relaxation routine with the Mini Peanut-shape Massage Ball. Whether you're targeting specific muscles or looking for overall relief, this professional massage ball is the perfect tool to relieve muscle tension and promote a healthier, more relaxed body.

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