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This organic yoga bolster increases flexibility, relieves joint pressure, eases discomfort around the waist, reduces back pain, and helps you relax and concentrate in your yoga practice. Its sturdy construction and long-lasting material provide stable support. Our Organic yoga bolster is filled with spherical rayon, ensuring stable support without deflation.

Designed with a comfortable handle, our products help you carry your bag at any time so that you can easily go to class. Natural fit enables our products to support as much of your body’s gravity as possible. Also, it has a cushioned bottom that prevents the bag from sliding, and the shell can be removed so that it can be machine-washed without shrinking, and the overall design features a high-end feel.

This is a great yoga bolster for your meditative practice since it supports your spine and head. And because it is an organic product, it is also an amazingly comfortable bolster to use, stable to be used, as well as breathable texture. Occasionally, you may also use our organic yoga bolster as an alternative pillow, or bring it with you when traveling, or as an alternative neck support. These products also come in a variety of colours so that you can choose whichever colour matches your yoga outfit the best. Staying steady in certain yoga poses with ease helps the practitioner to hold the pose for longer. The material we use has a firmer support than a typical pillow, so it is perfect for supple posture, softening your muscles, and facilitating the massage process.

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