Organic cotton yoga mat bag

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Make your yogis’ colleagues stop and stare with our gorgeous handmade organic cotton yoga mat bags. We offer yoga mat bags that are made from natural organic cotton to keep it eco-friendly while in style.  It features a full-length zipper, a large outer zippered pocket, a concealed inner pocket, and an adjustable cotton strap. What is unique about this yoga mat bag is that it is breathable, soft in texture.  We made this possible through a process called reinforced stitching, which assures a bag's long-lasting strength under all conditions.

Our product features a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap, heavy-duty zippers, and multi-functional pockets which enables you to put your things inside to avoid extra bags when going out. It is also a perfect everyday bag for daily workouts and yoga. It is truly a must-have for all your fitness essentials.

What makes this organic cotton yoga mat bag convenient? Well, it is amazing given the fact that it protects your mat from any germs or contaminants. By using one, you can maintain it clean and dry while your yoga essentials are all stored safely. Since we cannot avoid stains or dust especially outdoors, its materials are easily washable. Besides being easy to use, this bag features strong straps that can clinch the bag to any body type. It is perfect to tuck away at the office before you go to your yoga class after work. If you like comfy, stylish bags, this product is surely perfect for you.

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