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Invest in The Best Material non-slip yoga mat

Choosing the perfect yoga mat all boils down to the kind of quality that you are getting. We are proud to introduce to you our non slip yoga mat that ensures value for money. It has an unrivaled grip for whatever activity you prefer. From Gymnastics, Pilates, to extreme workouts, this durable mat will support you in your fitness and wellness journey.

It has an excellent anti-slip guarantee for the ultra-grip that you need. It is super easy on the knees and arms yet very stable to help you stick to any pose. A non-slip surfaced yoga mat can significantly help you focus and connect better to your practice since you will not be distracted from slips or slides.

Excellent in Any Environment

It is inevitable to get sweaty while doing yoga. However, the non-slip feature of this mat will wick away any moisture. It is made of a TPE rubber material that makes it waterproof and durable. So, whether you are working out during summer under the scorching heat or powering your way through a rainy day, this non slip yoga mat will endure with you and keep you safe in any environment.


All of our non slip yoga mat products are posted with yodel and usually take about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive.

Size: 183cm*61cm
Length: 183cm*61cm

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