Green yoga microfibre towel

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Our yoga towels are made from microfiber materials that improve grip while being soft but secure even when wet.  If you are practicing yoga on a soft surface, like grass or sand, you can also use it as a yoga mat. Our yoga towel can be used in long-distance travels and you can take them with you in your luggage as well.

Since yoga mats tend to accumulate nasty odours and take a substantial amount of time and effort to clean, many people prefer to use oil on the mats. Washing mats is difficult because you cannot fit towels in your washing machine. Since our microfiber yoga towels have been designed so that you can work them out directly on the mat instead of directly using our towels, you can save a lot of time each time you use them. Aside from that, yoga mats take a long time to dry properly, and you may fold them or roll them in the wrong way unlike yoga towels, which require a lot less maintenance.

With our microfiber yoga towels, you do not have to worry about cleaning them every other day. Our yoga towel is made with a silky, smooth texture, super-absorbent fabric, which dries rapidly when in use and is also very absorbent while used. Our yoga microfiber towels come in different colours and interesting prints with numerous uses, making it possible to match all your outfits, moods, and even events of the day. We make sure that our microfiber yoga towel will perfectly suit any of your outfits in your daily yoga class.