Green aerial yoga hammock

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This aerial yoga hammock can contain enough weight to be used by an adult. Made of high-quality parachute fabric, the soft handles are made of comfortable padded foam. These are suitable for spinal decompression therapy and reducing arm and upper body weakness with inversion therapy. It helps you keep healthy with yoga swing exercises that are easy to do and provide a variety of benefits including flexibility training, strength training, traction, and other health benefits.


It can also be used for beginners in a yoga studio, intermediate, advanced, and professional aerial yoga practitioners. Designed with foam handles for extra comfort, this swing has cushioning on the foam handles so you don't have to touch the nylon with bare hands. Regardless of whether you're doing inversions and other sneaky stunts indoors or outdoors, holding the handles at different heights, you can find the best handle position for you no matter where you're doing it.

With its strong and durable material, you can be supported by your entire body weight during your yoga or fitness class, as well as workout. It is lightweight for use on the go or out in the field because it is easy to carry, too. In this aerial yoga hammock, the muscles surrounding your spine are strengthened and relaxed naturally, allowing your spine to heal and breathe naturally. It can also help you relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and reduce body fats as well. Also, its capacity can hold any body weight, size as well as height.

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