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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our handmade Dry Eye Sleep Mask, delicately crafted with dried lavender and flax seeds. This eye pillow is designed to deepen your relaxation, offering a soothing blend of subtle acupressure and the calming properties of lavender.

The gentle weight of the pillow molds to the contours of your face, applying a delicate acupressure to relieve tension and calm the muscles around the eyes. Stimulating the body's relaxation reflex, the natural fragrance of lavender further aids in calming the mind, reducing anxiety, and promoting relaxation.

Revive the wonderfully strong perfume of lavender by gently rolling the pillow between your fingers. This versatile eye mask can be heated or chilled, offering a multitude of uses, from reducing anxiety and headaches to aiding sleep and relieving swollen eyes due to allergies.

Whether you're decompressing after a long day, seeking relief from migraines, or using it as a travel companion for anxiety during flights, the Dry Eye Sleep Mask is a versatile and invaluable addition to your self-care routine. Elevate your relaxation and soothe your senses with this beautifully crafted eye pillow, perfect for meditation during yoga or all-over body application to relax muscles and reduce swelling.

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