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Introducing our Cork Yoga Wheel, a reliable companion crafted with care to enhance your yoga practice. Measuring approximately 13 inches in diameter and 5.12 inches in width (33cm x 13cm), this wheel is designed with sturdy and durable materials to provide trustworthy support throughout your yoga journey.

Simple yet effective, this Cork Yoga Wheel is easy to use for both seasoned professionals and beginners. Position yourself in front of the vertically-oriented wheel, rest your spine on the center, and use your legs to gently push up and back, rolling it underneath your body effortlessly.

Experience excellent pain relief with our innovative design, particularly beneficial for addressing spine and shoulder pain caused by prolonged periods of stooping or sitting at a computer desk. This wheel is a must-have for those seeking relief from daily stresses and strains.

Not limited to spine stretches, this versatile wheel can be used to enhance results on limbs, thighs, and more. The natural cork surface offers an excellent "wet grip," making it ideal for post-hot-yoga stretching. Its antimicrobial properties ensure a safe and healthy experience, while providing just the right amount of cushioning for your joints and spine.

Stability and durability are paramount in our design, with the wheel built to support your entire body weight, regardless of size. The wide 5+ inch width ensures optimal support as you arch backward and redistribute your weight. For beginners, we recommend starting gradually to acclimate to the intense sensations the wheel may offer, ensuring a comfortable and personalized pace for your practice. Elevate your yoga experience with our Cork Yoga Wheel—a blend of innovation, support, and natural comfort

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