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Immerse yourself in eco-friendly yoga practice with our Cork Yoga Set, featuring a 100% natural cork surface and a black TPE foam backing. Crafted with an eco-friendly adhesive, this set offers a sustainable alternative for yogis seeking harmony with the environment. The cork surface not only boasts antibacterial properties but also enhances its grip as you sweat, ensuring a secure and comfortable practice.

The Cork Yoga Blocks, sized at 230mm x 120mm x 75mm with rounded corners, provide excellent support for various poses. Harvested from the Cork Acorn tree, cork is a renewable and sustainable material with a rhythmic and mysterious nine-year life cycle.

Complementing the set is the Natural Cork Yoga Wheel, designed to improve flexibility and posture. With a 33cm diameter and 13cm width, the wheel features a super grippy natural cork surface and a strong ABS core. Embrace the benefits of increased blood circulation, along with stretching and strengthening core muscles. Elevate your yoga journey with this eco-conscious and performance-enhancing Cork Yoga Set, perfect for yoga, Pilates, and fitness enthusiasts.

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