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Embark on your Yoga or Pilates journey with confidence, expressing your unique style through our striking Cork Yoga Mat Bag. Crafted for those who are ready to "Go Your Own Way," this bag features a visually appealing cork outer design, making a bold statement in the world of fitness accessories.

The Yoga Mat within boasts an Eco-Friendly Natural cork case derived from the bark of the cork tree, paired with a sleek black lining. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this bag serves a vital role in safeguarding your yoga mat or other exercise essentials before and after your fitness regime, ensuring their longevity.

With a focus on convenience, the adjustable Carry Handle allows you to customize the bag for a comfortable fit and easy portability. Measuring approximately 69cm x 19.5cm, this bag offers ample space to accommodate your yoga mat and more.

Our Cork Yoga Mat Bag is more than just a stylish accessory; it champions sustainability with features like 100% Sustainable Recyclable cork. The easy-to-wipe and clean surface guarantees a hassle-free maintenance routine, while the bag proudly stands as 100% Vegan, aligning with ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Choose this unique accessory to not only enhance your fitness journey but also make a conscious choice towards a sustainable and stylish lifestyle.

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