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One of the best things about having a cork yoga mat in your arsenal is that it is naturally anti-bacterial. Yogis and active people would know how important it is to maintain clean equipment for their practices. Research even shows that the bacteria present were reduced to 96% after being placed on a cork material for 90 minutes. Amazing, right? That is how hygienic it is to opt for cork yoga mats in the UK. You can finally stay clear from bad odours given the use of cleaning and maintaining this mat.

This purely natural mat is amazingly smooth to the skin compared to other materials. It is 100% non-toxic so you are guaranteed of its quality. Not only that, the open-celled structure of a cork yoga mat allows you to enjoy luxurious comfort from its cushions. A cork is made of cells that are surrounded by small bubbles of air. Therefore, you will get a good grip which is highly suggested for people who want to explore high-impact practices. Your joints and your whole body will still be supported by its natural materials.

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Size: 183cm*61cm
Length: 183cm*61cm

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