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A zippered yoga mat bag is made of lightweight materials that are comfortable to carry and allows mats to breathe and easily dry. It has a zippered closure and an adjustable shoulder strap which you can adjust easily for any type of body. We made the zipper opening incredibly unique and super easy to use for your convenience. Compared to other types of bag openings, zippered types of bags are a great fit for yogis on the move. After a quick yoga session, it is important for us yogis to be able to easily grab all our stuff without any hassle. Especially when you are storing a large-sized yoga mat, this function is superb!

It has never been this easy to access your yoga mat while carrying it in your very own yoga mat bag. Its spacious, compact, practical, and lightweight to take with you wherever you go.

There is also an additional handle on the end of the bag so you can choose whichever type of straps are ideal for wherever you are going. You can either wear it with just the straps or add the handle for extra support.

Aside from these perks, you will also appreciate that it has an amazing space allowance that you can work around with.  It is for essentials like your towel, water bottle, extra clothes, and more! It is one of our most popular bags because of its simple, brilliant design that’s practical enough to be carried anywhere you wish to. Try it out for yourself!

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