Yoga wedge for squats

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Introducing our Yoga Wedge for Squats – a versatile and essential tool to enhance your fitness journey. Crafted from high-quality EPP material, this wedge weighs only 358g, making it a lightweight and portable addition to your workout routine.

The multi-functional stretching board is designed to target tendons and promote overall health by facilitating stretching and collateral dredging. Say goodbye to cramps, sports strains, and post-exercise soreness as this wedge aids in preventing discomfort and swelling. Its concave-convex surface ensures strong friction, providing a secure platform for your fitness endeavors.

With an adjustable inclination, our Yoga Wedge is particularly suited for squats, catering to individuals with varying levels of ankle flexibility. This feature makes it an ideal companion for both beginners and seasoned trainers, helping you achieve optimal results in your workouts.

Packaged in a compact carton with dimensions of 321612cm, this wedge is easy to carry and store. Elevate your fitness routine with our Yoga Wedge for Squats, and experience the benefits of enhanced stretching, improved safety, and targeted muscle engagement. Embrace a healthier, pain-free lifestyle with this versatile and effective fitness accessory. Package includes 1 slope pedal to kickstart your journey to a more resilient and flexible you.

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