Yoga lavender eye pillow

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Our Lavender Eye Pillow has a soft texture that provides calming and soothing comfort, making it a great choice for yoga meditation, and sleeping. It is designed to relax her sinuses and eye area if she is suffering from headaches or sinus pain. Our eye pillow allows you to experience natural meditation and relaxation like no other. A cotton cover that absorbs moisture makes it non-slip and keeps it in place. The eye pillow is also ideal as a spa eye pillow and for relieving tension during a hectic day.

A microwavable eye pillow that warms from the microwave makes a great eye mask compress for dry eyes. In a microwave for 30 seconds, heat your lavender eye pillow. Whenever possible, let it cool for a few minutes if it's too hot. Our lavender eye pillow can also be used as a cold eye mask compress as well. Just place the eye pillow in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. The chilled weighted eye pillow will act as a cool compress to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes refreshing tired eyes strained by study or extended computer time.

Our lavender eye pillow can be used as a natural treatment for headaches, migraines, or any other time that you need to feel relaxed. You can use it as a sleeping mask to relax and unwind while you sleep, also on other parts of your body that require soothing heat therapy. This lavender eye pillow may be beneficial for easing the pain associated with sore neck muscles and arthritis.