Yoga bolster Black cushion

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A yoga bolster cushion is one that is long, skinny, cylindrical, and used under other pillows on a bed or sofa to support the pose. Our bolster cushion is widely used to relieve back pain, support postures, and increase stretching during corrective postures and deep breathing practices. For our products to handle such extreme usage, they are made with durable materials that will not damage the structure. Our products include a wide range of sizes and weights without affecting their overall structure.

This bolster cushion can be customized for a near-perfect fit with your preferred positions. No matter what arrangement you prefer when sitting on a bolster, like sitting on a bench, a chair, kneeling prayer style on the bolster, you can adjust it the way you want. Our yoga bolster cushion is higher on the back and it has a higher flow, the frame is larger for better airflow, it can control the temperature, it can adjust to body positions, and it has spinal support. Typically, pillow products like ours are used to relieve stress, soften postures, and facilitate massages, as the pillow provides firmer support than a traditional pillow.

Our yoga bolster cushion is made with a soft cotton cover that is durable enough. It is also washable in washing machines or by hand, ensuring the colours stay bright and in great condition for years to come.