Yoga Block for Meditation

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Enhanced Calmness and Posture

If you love the relaxation and peace of mind that meditation brings you, why not take it a notch higher by adding a yoga block as you practice? Using a yoga block for meditation is a great technique to maintain and improve your posture. Yoga blocks are popular for supporting one’s body when trying out different yoga positions. More than that, it is essential with meditation especially when you are trying to do your grounding practice while sitting down. People usually tend to slouch when they do not have good support while in a sitting position. So, how can you use it to improve?


How to Use A Yoga Block for Meditation?

There are several ways that you can use a yoga block for meditation. First, maximize it when you try to lie down and relax. You can place it on your head as great head and neck support by aligning it properly with your body. Of course, you can also use it when you are meditating while sitting down by placing it under your feet. This helps you to sit up straight and maintain a good back and spine alignment. You will surely appreciate the relaxing stretch that you will feel.


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