Ultra light travel yoga mat

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Introducing our Ultra-Light Travel Yoga Mat, part of our fitness brand dedicated to seamlessly integrating fitness into your daily life. Our diverse lineup includes yoga mats, exercise and balance balls, balance discs, and foam rollers, all designed to elevate your fitness experience.

Available in seven vibrant colors, our yoga mat is not just a fitness accessory but also a style statement. Crafted from durable PVC, it resists peeling, fading, and tearing, ensuring long-lasting use. Easy to clean with a simple hand wash, it's ready for your everyday fitness routine.

Portability is key with our travel yoga mat, weighing only 2.0 lb for a 4mm thickness. It folds easily for maximal portability and measures 68 × 24 inches, providing both comfort and stability. Whether you're heading to the gym, studio, park, or beach, this mat is your ideal workout companion.

The embossed surface ensures stability during various types of training, making it suitable for core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility exercises. From hot yoga to Pilates, it caters to a diverse range of workout routines.

Convenience doesn't end with portability – our yoga mat is perfect for travel, school, park outings, and beach sessions. It folds neatly, fitting into backpacks, suitcases, or tote bags. After your yoga class or gym session, easily transition to shopping, lunch, or classes on campus. Elevate your fitness routine with our Ultra-Light Travel Yoga Mat – where style meets functionality.

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