Non slip yoga towel grey

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Our non-slip yoga towel features microfiber materials that enhance grip while staying soft and secure despite being damp. The non-slip yoga towel can also be used as a yoga mat if you are performing yoga on a soft surface as well as on the ground. It can also be used when transporting your luggage in case you are a traveler as well.

We have used lightweight materials with our non-slip yoga towel, so you can take it along with other yoga essentials in your bag. When you overdo your practice, you may experience excessive sweating during your yoga practice. This is the main problem of yogis, so we invented a towel specifically meant to help you avoid sliding if you use it with a yoga mat.

Our non-slip yoga towels are environmentally friendly, so they don't need to be washed every other day, but it is your choice to do so. Generally used as a yoga towel, our yoga towels are made with a silky, smooth texture, super-absorbent fabric, which dries rapidly once in use and absorbs a great deal when it's being used. The non-slip yoga towels have a wide variety of colors and prints that can be used on various occasions. The blends of colors and shapes make it possible to perfectly match your outfit, mood, and even events during the day, and we ensure that our non-slip yoga towels will fit any of your outfits as you practice yoga every day.