Light blue 90cm foam roller

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The 90cm foam roller


When you roll before a workout, you stretch the fascia tissue and loosen your muscles to improve flexibility, prevent overstretching, and reduce your risk of injury. After your workout, you should roll your muscles to help them recover faster, and this will help you be ready for your next workout.

These foam rollers measure approximately 90 cm in length, very ideal for rolling gluteus maximus or other areas that require greater stability. Muscles can feel tight and painful after performing repetitive movements, like walking and exercising. When using our foam roller, blood flow is increased, which helps our muscles relax, loosen knots, and eliminate pain and tension.

This is perfect if you want to roll both legs at the same time, massage your upper back, or fix your posture using it perpendicular to your spine. It provides self-massage benefits and allows total recovery of muscles and joints as it relies on the roller to release sore muscles, increase blood flow, and increase range of motion. With its tough and durable plastic frame, this ridged frame can stand up to even the heaviest of athletes, and its super-tough surface gives it the best quality.

We designed this roller to be longer than other rollers in our range for increased stability when rolling, with a medium density foam structure for comfortable rolling of your muscles and rapid recovery after exercise. The extra length of our product makes it a great tool for providing full-body muscle massage since it enables more variety of massage positions and provides more versatility than other instruments. Also, it works perfectly for new rollers or people with weak muscles who cannot handle high-density rollers.

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