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Why Get A Black Yoga Mat?

Are you wondering why more and more people are investing in a high-quality yoga mat for their workouts and yoga sessions? It is about time you discover the difference. First, our black yoga mat is made up of anti-skid or anti-slip material. So, whether you prefer working out indoors or around nature, you will be confident that you are safe from any slips or injuries. Slipping due to sweat is very risky so we highly recommend that you get a yoga mat that you can depend on at any day.

Black Yoga Mat

It is Best for Any Weather

Who says you cannot enjoy a satisfying Pilates session on a rainy morning? Our black yoga mat is the perfect companion for those who love being under the sun. Let us say it rained all night and your lawn grass is wet. What now? Well, our premium yoga mat will allow you to continue your yoga without the hassle of being wet. Its thick and sturdy material is great to suit you with various types of surfaces. Its black colour is also commendable if you prefer a sleek and classy finish that can match any aesthetic of your workout outfits.

Pilates session on a rainy morning


All of our yoga props are posted with yodel and usually take about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive.

Size: 183cm*61cm
Length: 183cm*61cm

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